Olympic Gold Medalist Greg Louganis Giving Back With His New Active Wear Line, Launches Indie GoGo Campaign To Support His Vision

The world’s most decorated diver plans a line of smart, comfortable, functional active wear, and his profits will help support Olympians and LGBTQ charities

Along with his busy career as an Olympic champion, advocate for civil rights, actor, broadcaster, mentor and more, Greg Louganis has a personal passion that is now the basis of his new business, where he will share with his friends, fans and public, his active wear designs for men and women.

He has mounted an Indie GoGo fundraising campaign to launch the line, which will incorporate what he has learned from his experiences as an Olympian and throughout his life.

“I have spent a decade of dreaming, doodling and drawing sketches, and now want to launch my signature active wear line,” said Louganis. “I want this company to have a clear vision and integrity in how it is conceived, created and made.”


Louganis is celebrating the 40th anniversary of his first Olympic Medal in diving by fulfilling a longtime dream to design active wear that empowers young athletes to tackle challenges with confidence and style.

A five-time Olympic medalist – including four Gold Medals and a Silver – Louganis has earned iconic status and a reputation as a humanitarian and civil rights leader for his courageous advocacy on behalf of HIV/AIDS, the Olympics and LGBTQ rights and education.

His inspiration to be a designer was ignited a decade ago when Louganis had a conversation with his former coach, and close friend, Ron O’Brien. Louganis was challenged to help diving. His coach explained that not enough kids wanted to be involved in the sport, and it was hurting the flow of talent in the Olympics.

The big problem, he explained, is especially with boys 8 to 14 who would like to get involved in diving but don’t want to wear a Speedo. He told Louganis, “Young boys are very body conscious at that age and strive to be cool. It’s embarrassing to them at that point in their development.”

“So my coach presented that to me,” recalled Louganis. “I took it on. I knew it was a very small niche market but I took it on as a challenge. And I came up with designs that were flexible. Then I realized these would also be perfect for sports like gymnastics, acrobatics, dance and other kinds of movement activities.”

That was when the idea to create a company around his designs was born. Now his fans, friends and supporters can make his dream come true by donating today to Greg Louganis’s Indie GoGo Campaign to raise funds for his new enterprise, starting with a line of active wear.

“By funding this through an Indie GoGo Campaign,” said Louganis, “I will have the freedom to put my ideas into action in the best way possible, and hopefully, help the sport of diving and the Olympic movement along the way. “

One way a fan can connect immediately is by donating to his Indie GoGo campaign before the approaching deadline.

In addition to supporting an Olympic icon, creating an exciting new active wear line and boosting the Olympic movement, those who participate also receive gifts and have an opportunity to meet Greg Louganis personally.

The premiums available include:

  • A Limited Edition T-Shirt, designed by Greg Louganis
  • An autographed DVD of “Back on Board”
  • A collector’s Wheaties Box featuring Greg diving
  • An intimate dinner with Greg + 1-night stay at a luxury hotel in Los Angeles
  • Attend a private VIP party at a Beverly Hills hotel for the premiere of an exhibit of 40 years of Greg’s memorabilia.

As always, Louganis intends to share his good fortune. He is donating a portion of any profits to two charities near and dear to his heart.

They are Crossing The Line, which helps Olympians transition to life after the limelight; and The Point Foundation, which among other things provides scholarships and mentoring to lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer youth.

Louganis is making a gold medal promise about his products.

“I will carefully monitor every aspect to insure it meets the highest standards and follows my designs,” promised Louganis.

“I hope this will connect me with fans all over the world in new and exciting ways.”

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