Decades of diversity discussions…

When we talk about diversity and inclusion it’s impossible not to mention Greg Louganis. 

From early on in his career as the most decorated diver in U.S. history, Greg has been vocal about the need for inclusivity in sport… and life. Sharing who he was authentically lead him to be overlooked for opportunities, although his accomplishments in diving were simply unheard of and unmatched by anyone else. Over the years his struggles have shaped him into a compelling speaker on the topics of HIV/AIDS, LGBTQ+, Adoption/Foster Care, Mental Health/Addiction, Human Rights, Animals, Environmental Issues and Climate Change.

Greg continues standing in his truth, with the belief that sharing our story helps others along their own journey. His passion for people, understanding the human experience and improving our world allows him to make an even greater impact today on audiences all over the world. 

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