How To Make The Podium eBook


So, you want to make the podium?

Podium placements happen months and years before you arrive in the arena or on the field.

If you’ve been training hard to win and need the final push to get you there, this is it!

“How To Make The Podium: A Practical Guide for the Elite Athlete” was written from the perspective of the greatest Olympic Gold Medalist Diver of all time, dubbed this by every major media sports outlet, the International Olympic Committee and World Aquatics as well as millions of people around the world. This guide will help athletes in other sports (as well as high performing professionals) tap into and unleash their personal best performance yet. Elite level performance isn’t one and done. You’ll show up time and time again to repeat your excellence and capture your podium placement with Greg’s simple but wildly effective knowledge. Keep this guide handy and keep winning!

Since his own days of competing, Greg Louganis has mentored and coached athletes and teams, resulting in medals and podium placements.

In 2000 the United States Diving Team won only 1 Gold Medal, belonging to female Diver, Laura Wilkinson. In 2004 and 2008 USA Diving would take home no medals at all. Subsequently Greg was asked to work with the team, with fantastic results in a short time.

After working with Greg, in 2012 and 2016 the team took home 4 and 3 medals, respectively.

And while Diving Teams around the world have High Performance Directors, they simply do not have Greg Louganis – his personal records or his understanding of what it truly takes to make the podium.

This 32 page eBook can serve as a guide, outline, or a reminder when you need one to reach your personal best performance, accurately and consistently.

If you are a serious, focused elite athlete or team Coach, the real Gold is obtained in working one on one with Greg.

In this guide Greg shares with you his basic tenants for elite level peak performance. Because every scenario is unique, beyond these basics it’s best to have live mentoring with Greg for Q & A and to focus on exactly where the athlete and the Coach are in their training program. See details below…

Once your purchase is complete you will receive immediate one-time access to the eBook pdf and can download it to save to your device.

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