1976 Olympic Silver Medal: Diving, Men’s 10M Platform

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On July 27, 1976 the G.O.A.T. of Diving, Greg Louganis, won his first Olympic medal at age 16. This Silver Medal represents the start of Greg’s journey through the Olympic Games as an armature athlete. Greg was clearly so gifted that the 1976 Gold Medalist, Klaus Dibiasi, told him that the next Gold would be his.

The 1976 Summer Olympic Games took place in Montreal, Canada and was the first Olympics to be held there. The medal comes on the original silver chain and in the wood block and leather case Greg received. The side of the medal is engraved with the event, in this case the French word for swimming, “Natation”.

Greg will hand deliver this to the winning bidder, who will have their choice of experience with him. Greg is just as happy to share stories over dinner as he is to jump out of a plane and sky dive with you. or offer you a private peak performance coaching session.

Bidders of this Olympic Medal will be contacted and asked to provide verification of funds from their bank within 24 business hours.


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