Forgiveness Is Not A One And Done Process

Forgiveness is not a one and done process, though it is a nice thought, but the truth is it is more about recognizing that energy and deciding what to do with that energy or vibration. Many of our hurts and pains come from our unconscious, things that happened to us before we were aware, so […]

Arm Balance & Handstand Workshop

How about a little fun while connecting with your body this holiday season? Again, I have the great pleasure to participate in an Arm Balances & Handstands workshop with the wonderful Ted McDonald! This workshop is taking place on Wednesday, December 29th, live at 5 Point Yoga in Malibu, California and also being offered over […]

Clover Press To Publish Biographical Greg Louganis OGN

Clover Press has announced plans to develop a biographical graphic novel about Olympic champion diver and LGBTQ+ activist Greg Louganis in Winter 2022. The creative team for A Champion’s Story isn’t finalized, but Mr. Louganis will be involved in every stage of the book’s development and creation. READ THE FULL STORY


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