Forgiveness Is Not A One And Done Process

Forgiveness is not a one and done process, though it is a nice thought, but the truth is it is more about recognizing that energy and deciding what to do with that energy or vibration.

Many of our hurts and pains come from our unconscious, things that happened to us before we were aware, so often they are difficult to discover and identify.

Once we recognize them they may creep up without seemly due cause, like the raising of someone’s voice, or and environmental change, or visual image to trigger a reflexive emotion.

The key is getting into your body, identifying that feeling putting it into context and reminding yourself that you are safe NOW and being able to be a witness to your feelings and choose to be with that feeling or let it go.

We were designed to survive, so our fear response can be triggered, and leads us into a “STORY”, it is just that a story we may have told ourselves for years, but also may not serve us anymore as it is no longer true in that moment.

Stop being the judge and jury of your thoughts, and don’t let other’s opinions influence your choice of how you should react or hold onto what no longer serves you.

We have all made Herculean strides to survive, but we don’t need the praise of others or even recognition of others to be true to our path of happiness, joy and love.

We celebrate the underdog, we applaud and reward their triumph over adversity, and we hang onto those accolades of attention, hanging onto them as if they are treasures and not letting them go.

We put energy into those events of triumph keeping them present and alive, flattery is very seductive and attention we crave and yearn to hold tightly to and never let go in fear that it will never return.

But that is the key, I like to think of holding everything with a light touch, because sometimes the labels and titles we hang on to are not meant to hold but release into the world for growth and healing.

Don’t look outside of yourself for the validation you are seeking, turn inside and find that love within.

If you go into “I can’t” “I am not worthy” or “Somebody told me…”, don’t give your power away, we are all creatures of creation, to create into our gifts, whether that is being an incredible Mom or Dad, to share and express in other ways of the arts, literature, painting, Dance, photography, teaching, coaching, science, healing, any of the arts for “being” connection.

Greg ♥


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